www.pearsonsuccess.net - Reading Street website - Activities and Tests for each unit.

www.pppst.com - Powerpoints and games

Scott Foresman Games and Powerpoints

Student Research Center research center with magazines, full text articles, biographies, videos, newspapers articles, photos

http://fcit.usf.edu/FCAT/strategies/default.htm Great link to interactive reading strategies

http://fcit.usf.edu/FCAT/tests/default.htm Practice tests online! Gives you the answer

Short stories using Dolch Words, Poems, GAMES http://www.inklesstales.com/


Free Thesaurus and Dictionary

Visual Dictionary - type in a word to see a picture -make sure you use nouns

Fact or Opinion game

Lesson on Point of Viewj
Lesson on Drawing Conclusion- includes a quiz
Lesson on Main Idea

Games - choose from several options on this site... Kaboose

Aesop's Fablesand history